Ok ok, I'll start

January 22, 2021

I just read this blog post and all its links, and yes. I agree, and I will do it. I'll try to do one post a day. Or let's aim for 5 a week, and leave weekends out, just in case I need so skip a day or two.

I really liked another post, called "Intense intervention or acceptance. Pick one.". Good title, and a good way to look at things. I've been postponing this for no reason other than it's not my first priority.

After trying this out for a week or two, I will be able to definitely say that I want to spend time doing this, or I still don't care for it enough. Either way it will help me get it out of my head. Done it? Cool, let's schedule it and keep doing it. Not done it? All good, and from now on if the thought "I should start a blog" comes, I can tell it to gtfo because I did try it and it didn't seem good enough to keep it up.

See you soon, I guess.

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